Huawei Cloud Media & Entertainment Summit 2023

Huawei Cloud, together with the Indonesian Digital Associations (IDA), will organize a high-level seminar on the recently launched Indonesia Internet Summit – Media & Entertaiment Forum. To foster collaboration and innovation in the Indonesian media and entertainment industry, Huawei Cloud is hosting an event to bring together industry leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs to discuss the latest trends and best practices. Through the sharing of proven customer success stories, participants will gain insight into the current market paradigm and explore strategies for success. Huawei Cloud aims to demonstrate its robust and innovative solutions to address the current e-commerce market challenges, while also discovering potential platforms for strategic partnerships. The event will provide an opportunity to explore the emerging opportunities presented by advancements in cloud-based technologies in the media & entertainment industry. RSVP using the following link: Looking forward to seeing you at the summit!


Indonesian Digital Association